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                Welcome: Shandong Kangna Packaging Co.,Ltd. Type C Conductive Bag,Type D Conductive Bag,Anti-Static Electricity Bag,Food and Pharmaceuticals grade Bag,Baffle Bag,Ventilation Bag,Carbon Black Bag,Triple combined fabric bag,Liner Series
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                PP woven bag producing process

                PP woven, PP non woven is increasingly becoming the raw material indispensable to make gift bags, promotional bags, apparel bags, super market bags, bags for fashion stores ... In everyday life, it becomes familiar things gradually replace plastic bags because environmental friendliness. PP woven and PP nonwoven are safe as they are biodegradable in the natural environment.

                PP woven, PP non woven bags are an effective tool for advertising campaign of enterprises. Catch with market trends, consciousness of environmental protection as the rights and obligations as well as effective promotion campaign, medium and long term marketing, with low prices, the production process is not too difficult , bags can be used multiple times, multiple functions , that is very useful tool to promote the brand within the community; honored brand enterprise value.

                The trend to use environmental bags is inevitable in life, no exception to this trend because of community responsibility for sustainable development. If based on the structure of the fabric, there are two types: woven and nonwoven. If based on the finishing, printing on fabric surface, there are two types: lamination or not lamination.

                This article will tell you step by step to make the bags.

                1. Lamination PP woven bags:

                Structure: Woven fabric / PP (polypropylene) / OPP film

                + PP spinning -> Fabric on rolls

                + Print OPP film (customer's design, logo)

                + Laminate polypropylene fabric with printed OPP film -> Cutting into sheets -> Sewing bag -> Check quality -> Packing

                2. Lamination PP nonwoven bags:

                Structure: Nonwoven fabric / PP (polypropylene) / OPP film

                + Nonwoven fabric on rolls

                + Print OPP film (customer's design, logo)

                + Laminate polypropylene nonwoven fabric with printed OPP film -> Cutting into sheets -> Sewing bag -> Check quality before packing-> Packing

                3. PP nonwoven bags without lamination:

                Structure: Nonwoven fabric / silk printing

                + Nonwoven fabric on rolls

                + Silk printing on nonwoven fabric (customer's design, logo)

                + Cutting into sheets-> Sewing bag -> Check quality before packing -> Packing

                You can buy these products from Vietnam, India, China, Thailand, especial in Vietnam because of low labor cost, hight skill workers and stable quality, good policy.

                Vietnam Poly Bag Import Export Joint Stock Company- Vietnam Manufacture of woven and nonwoven bags.


                CONTACT US

                Contact: Hongfei Dai

                Phone: +86-18953194205

                Tel: +86-0536-2163899

                Email: xiaoshouzhongxin@sdkona.com

                Add: Linjiacun,Zhucheng,Weifang City,Shandong Province

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