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                Welcome: Shandong Kangna Packaging Co.,Ltd. Type C Conductive Bag,Type D Conductive Bag,Anti-Static Electricity Bag,Food and Pharmaceuticals grade Bag,Baffle Bag,Ventilation Bag,Carbon Black Bag,Triple combined fabric bag,Liner Series
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                ABOUT US

                about us

                Shandong Kangna Packaging Co.,Ltd. established in 2018, is a professional Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) Bags manufacturer. Registered capital over 20 million, owns advanced production and inspection equipment, producing capability is about 50000 pcs bags. We have more than 100 employees, experienced technical and production person are more than 85 people. We insist on the principle of Quality First, continuous supply best products and service to our customers. Kangna Packaging focus on researching and developing top-grade, special usage FIBC bags, except regular FIBC bags, we will mass producing B-type antis...

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